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[ASM] Simple effect. Empty [ASM] Simple effect.

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:45 pm

Yep. Here is one of the first ASM effects I ever coded. Might not bee too awesome, but it is at least a small effect useful in demo-coding for some!


; Colors by Daemon.
; ========================
org 0x100      ; Start      
mov ax,13h       ; VGA
int 10h         ; Interrupt
les bp,[bx]      ; Let's get started!!   
loop1:         ; Begin Loop
   add al,22   ; Add 22 to AL
   inc cx      ; Increase CX
   stosb      ; Transfer 1 Byte
   jl loop1   ; Jump if Less to Loop
   inc al      ; Increase AL
   jmp loop1   ; Jump Back 2 Loop
; =========================

Happy coding, everyone!

- Daemon[DHC].


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